Custom Blend 70% n-Butane/ 30% Propane

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Custom Blend 70% n-Butane/ 30% Propane

Boiling Point: 8.06°F (-13.3°C) This blend is amongst the most popular & versatile blend for botanical extractors to achieve the best-desired end product. A custom mix of n-Butane and a smaller amount of Propane allows the tank to have a higher head pressure while still maintaining a lower boiling resulting in higher yields with faster run times than just Butane or Propane individually. The popularity of this blend can be chiefly contributed to using the strengths of both hydrocarbons in conjunction with each other, resulting in faster recovery time, more terpene preservation and lighter color extracts in a shorter period of time with end product versatility, such as diamonds, shatter, live resin, budder and much more.

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Product Details:
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Instrument Grade - 99.5%

Cylinder Sizes

LP5, LP239, LP420








Cylinder Pressure 70F


Standard Valve Outlet (CGA)


Product Data

Molecular Weight


Specific Volume

6.4 cf / lb @ 70F

Liquid Density

4.865 lb / gal

Flammability in Air

1.8-8.4% in Air

U.S. D.O.T. Hazard Class


U.S. D.O.T. Label

Flammable Gas / Butane

Refrigerant Number


Fill Density


Internal Cleaning of Cylinders

Internal cleaning of cylinders after every refill has been the industry standard for the high purity gas industry. Our sister companies were founded in 1958 operating under this principle and is now our standard to pass our knowledge and experience into the extraction industry to deliver the cleanest hydrocarbons to botanical extractors around the world. Our goal is to set this standard in this industry by internally cleaning after every refill and tracking each cylinder to prevent cross-contamination. Our process will make your solvent experience completely protected and guaranteed with Cannagas for years to come.

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